Double Digit Dividends

Peter Chor Leng Tan

Peter during his recent visit to his "shophouse" investment. He says, "It never fails to give me great joy and pride. My aim is for us to make more of these "shophouse" investments -- in double-digit-dividend stocks."

Peter is an Australian Chartered Accountant with over 10 years of experience in the investment-banking field.  He held positions with JP Morgan Chase and Lehman Brothers in Tokyo and Hong Kong for over 5 years, including in their Asia and Japan Equity Research Department.

In addition to focusing on his young family, Peter has been a full-time investor for over 10 years.  He is a subscriber to the philosophy of “eating his own cooking.”  The investment recommendations he makes, and portfolio he builds here, he himself invests in.

During the course of his career, Peter has worked at Price Waterhouse Coopers and has provided change management services to Westpac Bank (Australia), Bell Potter Securities (Australia), a publicly listed Singapore energy management company, the Australian Department of Defence, and a family company involved in Malaysian property development.

Peter is a Singapore resident.  He holds two degrees from Murdoch University (Australia) — a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Commerce.

Double Digit Dividends Fund Mandate

Our aim is to build a portfolio of recommendations that can deliver sustainable dividend income above 10% per annum, excluding long-term capital appreciation.

Underpinning these dividend yields are high-quality assets with long-term capital appreciation potential via earnings growth and cheap valuations on purchase.

Whilst the portfolio’s main focus (and our performance reporting) is to provide a steady income above 10% per annum, we envisage long-term valuation multiple expansions over a 10-year period could also result in capital valuations increasing by as much as 4 times.

The investment recommendations are suited for investors with a buy, monitor and hold long-term investment requirement.

The Portfolio is measured on an absolute basis and not benchmarked to any index.

The 10% and above yield mandate is based on local currencies of the underlying assets and excludes cash balances in the portfolio. The portfolio shall not hedge for currency fluctuations. 

We will manage a portfolio of up to 15 investments. The underlying country of revenue generation of the investments can be anywhere in the world, but we tend to have an emphasis on frontier and emerging markets which possess a tailwind of strong population growth and acceptable corporate governance.

The portfolio shall not be leveraged.

Investment allocations within the portfolio are at the discretion of the manager Peter Tan but no single holding shall exceed 20% of the portfolio’s Net Asset Value (inclusive of cash balances).