Building a solid portfolio of financially sound companies from
all around the world, paying double-digit dividends as high as
14%, 17%, 12%

Peter shares the lessons he learned in life and investing. Follow his journey to growing wealth via double-digit dividend yielding stocks.

The Double Digit Dividends Fund, Ltd. was officially launched on April 1, 2021 and have already invested in five high-yield stocks with up to 15.5% dividends, net of withholding tax.

Download complete and comprehensive reports on three stocks that yield double-digit dividends.

Special Report on Navigator Global Investments Ltd.
Peter is a successful private investor. Today, after a 10-year investment banking career, he lives exclusively from the dividends on  his investment portfolio.


"Our aim is to build a portfolio of recommendations that can deliver sustainable dividend income above 10% per annum, excluding long-term capital appreciation."