Double Digit Dividends

J#1: Journaling – the value for you (and me)

In this zero interest-rate world, you may be surprised to learn there are still plenty of opportunities to earn double-digit dividends. Finding them is what this website is all about. We look around the world, and select the handful of rare gems we wish to keep until the fundamental thesis behind our investment changes. 

Over the next few journals, I’ll share with you two free Special Reports that recommend such double-digit-dividend stocks that can deliver you a solid passive income stream. One is churning out a steady yield of 14.6%, while the other also pays out a double digit dividend.

But first, let me share with you the story behind Double Digits Dividends and what I wish for you and I to achieve.

I am a full-time professional investor. Double Digit Dividends has come about as I am in the process of realigning my investment portfolio.  As with many unexpected things in life, I’m going through a divorce which has led me to re-evaluate and switch my investment portfolio and strategy.  I plan to build a concentrated portfolio of stocks that can provide a solid passive dividend income stream for the long-haul. This is the genesis of this website and I would love for you to join me on this journey.

The journals I write are to keep an account of this journey.  It makes me accountable not only to myself but also to you, my readers.  You are motivators and gate-keepers in helping me to build and maintain a highly profitable investment portfolio.

One more thing you’ll like about my journals is that they are generally short and concise. This is probably one of the few longer ones, as I introduce myself to you and explain what you can expect from Double Digit Dividends moving forward. There will be times when I will post a quick journal entry just to alert you of my latest find.

"If you cannot write it down, you don’t expose your shortcomings
in your thinking process"

My former colleague and Chief Legal Officer at Lehman Brothers in Japan and Hong Kong used to take notes of every meeting he went to.  Being a lawyer, he wrote well and had the dictum — “if you cannot write it down, you don’t expose your shortcomings in your thinking process”.  I am a subscriber to that dictum.  My journals and investment reports serve as repository of my learning opportunities, achievements and successes. 

I am a believer that the journey is just as important as the final outcome (i.e. that we are making money on our investments).  Wealth is not just your profit and loss; it is the richness of the journey taken to achieving our profits — that is true wealth. 

Developing that personal connection with you in our journey adds to the spice and happiness in life and, in turn, builds the cumulative knowledge for our next investment decision. You can therefore expect for me to share with you my personal experiences and philosophies that have helped shape the discovery process for my stock picks.

As mentioned previously and as my gift to you, I have prepared two FREE Special Reports for two companies to start your Double Digit Dividends journey. Make sure to read through the following journal entries where I provide links to download the reports. 

I have bought shares in these companies and I look forward to see you do so along with me should you choose. 

Let the journey begin!  You’ll see the solid, high-yield investments I am making all around the world.

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