Double Digit Dividends

J#3 - Passing It Forward

I went back to my first journal entry where I talked about the genesis of Double Digit Dividends and what I hope for you and I to achieve.

Upon doing so, I realized that I missed out on a very personal, but important driving force.  It goes to show you, the power of writing it down helps crystallise your thinking!

You see, I have two young children and they are estranged from me.  We live in the same home, but they are currently on non-speaking terms with me as I go through a divorce.  The reason for the estrangement depends on who you hear.  In most divorces, all parties have different versions and perceptions.  I cannot delve into the specific reasons for my estrangement with my children as they are personal reasons but I wish to state that I love my children very much and hope that this changes.

From my readings, with an “estrangement” there is usually no rational and/or substantive reasons that a child provides when they become disrespectful, and/or hostile toward a parent.  This is possible as children have not reached a stage where they are capable of mature and critical thinking and, consequentially, their opinions are very malleable.  The children’s prefrontal lobe, according to what I read by neuroscientists, are yet to fully develop and their bodies (and minds) are constantly changing with the effects of hormones that come with puberty.  It is for this reason, minors are treated differently from an adult in the courts of law.

There is plenty of material on the internet on this subject. Needless to say, I have become well-read.

With the estrangement with my children, my journals are a way for me to convey, now and in future years, what I had hoped to have discussed with my children.  It is all about investments (I make), life’s lessons and for them, hopefully, to get to know their father a bit better.  It is also good therapy for me — I am doing all I can to keep that connection with my children alive.

Jim Rogers as most of you know, is that legendary investor who worked with George Soros.  He too shared his experiences and philosophy with his daughters.  The process of “passing it forward”, in a long-lasting medium such as writing, is a valuable future repository and an important exercise.  Jim’s book, “A Gift to My Children: A Father’s Lessons for Life and Investing”  is good reading.

If you have children, perhaps you may wish to share and discuss with them my writing and Jim’s book.