Double Digit Dividends

J#4: Wild Horses & Investing Foundations

The meaning of the word “Foundations” says it all.  Without it, all else falls apart.

I believe the Foundations of Investing and Life are intertwined… so strongly intertwined that you can argue that they are the same.  These Foundations direct your behaviour in life and your investment choices.  It is for this reason, the main header of Double Digit Dividend’s web page states: 

Let's find that handful of high quality, double-digit-dividend paying investment gems.

We are building a worldwide portfolio
based on our life's observations and experiences.

My first two Foundations are “Know Yourself” and “Don’t Let Wild Horses Drag You”.

Knowing yourself and not letting wild horses drag you are lessons that Plato observed some 2,500 years ago and which are still very relevant today.

In a nutshell Plato says, you should not let yourself, nor your thinking and decision-making process be dragged by the demands and opinions of society, friends, family, or colleagues.  Plato likened it to being dragged by wild horses.  His message was simple but hard to do — be your own man or woman.  Undertake critical and independent thinking only.  It is you, and only you, that needs to be happy!

A summary of his teaching can be found in this video

How do these Foundations apply to your investing?

Some of the best investment ideas and values come from clear, independent thinking and may well be contrary to what the “crowd” (and market) says or looks at.  They are the “wild horses” that drag you.

In the coming weeks, I will share with you one of my best real-estate investments.  I shall also be giving you my next Special Report, an investment recommendation titled “Jumping Jupiter — A 17.8% Dividend Yield”

In both of these cases — my real-estate investment and my stock recommendation — at the very heart of the decision process, was that I was not being driven by wild horses and I was trusting myself.

More in the journals ahead ……

A note to my children:  Do you still remember our family holiday in Athens and the surrounding islands in June 2018?  A collage of our photos is below.  I enjoyed the holiday with you and I hope we could return one day together and get stirred by the sights, sounds and history of Plato and Socrates.  Children, the lessons from these great thinkers are still relevant today!

Peter's family trip to Greece