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J#9: My second free recommendation, “Jumping Jupiter! – a 17.0% Yield”
is published here.

Jumping Jupiter! – a 17.0% Yield” is the title of my second free recommendation to you.

Among other things, my report addresses why the yield is so high and explains why the dividend is sustainable.

It has all the attributes of an investment gem:

  • With interest rates near zero (or negative in some countries), a 17.0% yield is just too attractive. I believe investors will chase the share price up.
  • The company has expansion plans to increase production capacity by 50% over the next three years. All else equal, this could potentially see the 17% current dividend yield rising to an astounding 25.5% per annum.
  • It has zero debt.
  • It has an operating margin of 40%.
  • It supplies an essential and non-replaceable commodity (the 4th most consumed metal in the world by tonnage).
  • A management team with a significant shareholding and plenty of “skin in the game” to ensure their interests are strongly aligned with those of shareholders.

This recommendation ticks all of Double Digit Dividends’ selection boxes. I own a large position in this company myself already.

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Peter Tan