Double Digit Dividends

J#14: Save the date! This month we’ll publish our highest-yielding recommendation yet… a 20% yield.

This month’s recommendation has a current yield of a whopping 20%.  Yes, you read correctly, a 20% yield!!

Better still, if you are a non-resident Australian taxpayer, your withholding tax rate is 0%. That is, the full 20% is cashed into your bank account.

They have one of the easiest balance sheets I have ever read.  Just six asset line items and one liability.  They have ZERO debt.

They manage nearly USD12billion of investors’ assets.  It is a super easy company to understand and my fear, given the simplicity of understanding its business, is that you may find my research report as a “boring” read.  I’ll see what I can do to engage my readership, but that said, please do not forget that one thing – its 20% yield (net of withholding taxes).

We are generally averse to investing in US companies as they levy a 30% withholding tax rate.  This materially eats into your dividend (see journal #13).  This recommendation, however, offers us an opportunity to access the US market WITHOUT paying the 30% withholding tax rate.

The recommendation has a solid dividend history.  See table below.  In the unlikely occurrence the company cuts its dividend payment, it is highly probable you will still bank a double-digit return in February 2021 when their dividends are declared.  The company therefore has a large margin of safety to ensure you receive a double-digit yield.

The recommendation was found by my business partner, Tim Staermose. I analyzed it, and I liked what I saw. I would like to share what he (and I) do in trying to find these gems in my next journal with you and how I came to know of Tim and his great stock-picking skills. As usual, I eat my own cooking and have invested in the company.

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Please save the date!

Until then, happy dividend hunting!